Elon Musk made headlines by announcing on X (formerly Twitter) that the social media platform has achieved an all-time high in terms of user numbers. Musk shared this news via a tweet, revealing that X now boasts a staggering 541 million users, according to a graph accompanying the post. However, this announcement has also prompted experts to raise concerns about Musk’s competence in managing a social media platform.

Musk’s Tweet about X’s record-high user count is significant because it showcases the platform’s growing popularity and reach. The graph shared in his tweet visually represents the impressive number of users X has attracted. It is worth noting that this milestone was reached in 2023, suggesting that the platform has experienced significant growth in recent times.

Nevertheless, experts have become increasingly critical of Musk’s involvement in social media. They question his ability to handle the responsibilities that come with running a platform of this magnitude. Musk has frequently used social media to express his thoughts and engage with his followers. However, his use of platforms like Twitter has also led to controversies and legal issues in the past.

Critics argue that Musk’s provocative and sometimes unpredictable behavior on social media could create challenges for X. They raise concerns about his ability to maintain neutrality, prevent misinformation, and establish appropriate content moderation policies. Given his track record, experts question whether Musk possesses the necessary skills and experience to effectively manage a social media platform.

With the number of X users reaching an all-time high, it remains to be seen how Musk plans to address these concerns. As X continues to grow and gain prominence, the significance of responsible platform management cannot be understated. The public will be closely watching to see how Musk handles the ongoing discourse surrounding X and whether he can effectively address the challenges associated with running a large-scale social media platform.