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We at Fame Technologies, believe in providing quality services to the customers in a short time span. Our work connects the dots in various domains like technologies, strategies & consulting which redefines the customer/client experience. We aim at providing best services to customer/client through our in-house team of passionate, ambitious budding young team members. We take an integrated approach to creating highly engaging digital properties & brand-focused creative solutions.

At Fame Technologies, we are an enthusiastic and innovative bunch who aim to achieve new heights of success and glory. We are a group of geeks very passionate and committed to our work. As a famous owner advisor Chris Grosser said "Opportunities don't happen. You create them."

We invite you to fame technologies to create a bright future for you and your business. Growth is assured only if trust is at infinity. We assure trust, so you assure your growth. Trust is the absolute thing what a client/customer seeks from their service providers, so we go an extra mile to become our clients' long-term, trusted partner. Our priority is not only providing professional services and solutions but becoming a true technology partner, dedicated to meeting client needs today and supporting clients' growing business needs tomorrow. We assure the growth of our customer/clients to experience the taste of success expected by them in their Business Developments.

Our clients are ah! Ventures, Z Nation Labs, Cisco, AWS, RMZ Groups, GMASA, Accenture, ITC Infotech Open Innovation, VIVO, Techstars, One Co. work and more.


Upcoming Events

World Startup Fest

WSF is the most celebrated destination for disruption as we inspire, discover, showcase and appreciate innovations that make a dent in the universe. We firmly believe that to disrupt the world, individual mindsets needs to get disrupted first.

Previous Events

Entrotech 1.0 - How AI can make big change in technology?

Technology moves dangerously fast. One of the captivating ideas of science for a quite long time is the Artificial intelligence (AI). How could be AI disruptive in future? Be part of our meetup let us discuss more on 8th March 2018 at One Co.work Koramangala evening 5:30 PM.

EntroTech Meet 1.0

Entrotech's goal was to build a better world through entrepreneurship and technology. This evening meet of innovation included events like 3hours conference featuring one top keynote speaker with three-panel people, this entrotech conference highlighted the intersection of entrepreneurship and technology.

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